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What Is Your Method of Avoidance?

We’ve all been there. We avoid doing something and seem to find any reason for avoiding that task, person, place, event, etc. Whether it be surfing the web, watching TV, even excessive cleaning or exercise, we find any excuse for avoiding that particular thing with a vague feeling of unease. When we are subconsciously avoiding something, it can sap our energy, cause us to feel unproductive, and even make us begin to doubt our own abilities.

Trent at The Simple Dollar writes, “I didn’t recognize the things I would do to ‘block out’ the problems I was having. I viewed such activities as a sign that I was ‘down,’ not necessarily that I was trying to avoid facing a specific problem in my life. Today, though, I recognize that response. I know that when I’m drawn to spend a significant chunk of my spare time playing video games or most of my spare time reading, I’m trying to avoid something in my life.”

Trent continues, “The key is to recognize when we’re trying to escape. What kind of patterns do we fall into when we’re trying to avoid something? When you see yourself lapsing into that pattern, even if you don’t see anything wrong, stop yourself. Spend some time figuring out what the problem is. Often, when you face a challenge in your life head-on, you’ll find that it’s easily solvable.”

Take a minute to think about that task you are avoiding and contemplate the reasons for your avoidance. Does that thing you’re avoiding bring up painful memories or is it associated with something unpleasant? Coming to terms with the discomfort behind your avoidance and procrastination can not only help free you from unconscious patterns of avoidance, it can also make you more productive and present in your everyday life.

Blocking What We Can’t Deal With | The Simple Dollar